Julie Arphi

Julie Arphi was born in 1979 in Weert, The Netherlands.

She lives and works in Amsterdam.


1998-2003 BA fine art, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, NL

2001-2002 Facultad de Bellas Artes, Sevilla, ES

1996-1997 Discorso, Perugia, IT


2016 Galerie Arts de Boer, Paintings 2012-2015, Amsterdam, NL

2012 Facing Forward: The Standing Lady, CEU, Budapest, HU

2011 The Gallery, London, UK

2011 Galerie Arts de Boer, Amsterdam, NL


2019 Tutti I Pani del Mondo, Festival terra del pane, Curated by Andrea B. del Guercio, Fondazione Sassi, Capitale Europea della cultura 2019, Matera, IT

2018 Galerie Ménilmontant, Belleville, Paris, FR

2017 MCH, Marieke van ’t Zet & Julie Arphi, The Hague, NL

2017 One of three guest performers at the documentaire kolf performance Mère à Boire, by Richtje Reinsma, organized by Mothers in Arts resident Aurora Rosales, Goleb Project Space, Amsterdam, NL

2011-2017 Anna Singer Artotheek, Singer Museum Laren, NL

2011 HYM, Amsterdam, NL

2005 Voormalig bezoekerscentrum IJburg, Amsterdam, NL

2003 Lak 2, Rijswijk, NL

2003 Eindexamen Expositie, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, NL


2005-2013 Svea Magazinet & Julie Arphi, Prinsengracht 827, Amsterdam, NL

His Swedish Antiques and her Paintings


2012 CEU 20, Film, 1:07:17 min

In collaboration with Peter Almond

Producer USA, Audrey Rapoport

Producer HU, Peter Almond

2012 The Making of The Standing Lady,

Film installation, 9:30 min

Produced by Julie Arphi and Peter Almond,

Edited by Sari Haragonics, NL/HU

2012 Painting, The Standing Lady, multi media,

300 x 280 cm, NL

2009 Simed Stöpler, Utrecht, NL

Painting, Untitled, multi media, 500 x 280 cm

2008 Simed Stöpler, Utrecht, NL

Painting, Untitled, multi media, diptych, 2 x 200 x 300 cm

2005-2013 Various private commissions


2012 Ribbinck Van den Hoek, Familiestichting, Amsterdam, NL

2012 CAC, Center for Arts and Culture, CEU, Budapest, HU

2012 Ministery of Foreign affairs of The Netherlands, Budapest, HU

2012 OSA, Open Society Archives, CEU, Budapest, HU


2001 Matricula de Honor, Facultad de Bellas Artes, Sevilla, ES


2003-2010 Children's art teacher, Amsterdam, NL

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